Apple Authorised Repairs

How to change what you see on your locked screen

To enable the feature of replying whilst your screen is locked follow the following steps.

Go to settings.

Touch ID & Passcode.

Scroll down to ‘Allow Access When Locked’.

And select which features you wish to enable and disable.

How to use Siri to find photos

Hold down the ‘Home Button’ to load siri.

Press the bar at the bottom to open MIC.

Ask your question – We asked Siri to show photos from a specific date “Show me photos from the 28th November”.

All photos which were taken on the 28th November will be displayed here….

How to search for a word on an internet page

Open your web browser and load up your chosen internet page.

For this example we chose the UTL Repair Centre website.

Here is the UTL repair centre home page.

To search for a key word on the page.

Press the web browser bar at the top of the screen and type in your chosen word.

Scroll down and select ‘On This Page’ to find that chosen word.

The page will re-load.

And your chosen searched word will be highlighted in yellow.

How to reply to a message when your iPhone is locked

Note: For this feature to work please follow our how to guide for changing what you see on your locked screen.

When you receive a message the message will be displayed on your locked iPhone.

Hold down the message with your finger and slide to the left to reveal two options;

  1. View the message
  2. Clear – which will remove the message from your locked screen – don’t worry it won’t delete the message!

To view the message press view and the following box will appear – enabling you to see the entire message.

If you wish to reply;

Type your response and press send.

You will now have replied to the message without unlocking your phone!

How to save your battery

When using your iPhone for a long time, switch to low power mode.

Go to Settings.


Select ‘Low Power Mode’ to reduce your power

How to set a custom vibrate for a contact

Go into Phone or Contacts, and select the contact to make changes to.

Tap Edit in the top right hand corner.

Scroll down and tap on the Ringtone field.

Once in ‘Ringtone’ click on the Vibration field.

You will see an assortment of built-in vibration patterns you can choose from.

Further down, is Create New Vibration, where you can add a custom pattern.

You can tap on the screen to make your own rhythm.

When you’re satisfied (tap the Play button to see what it will feel like), tap Save to set the pattern.

How to undo

If you’ve just typed a long sentence and accidentally deleted it, or made some other catastrophic error, you can give your iPhone a shake to bring up the undo/redo dialogue box.

Just make sure you’re holding tight to your iPhone tightly before you shake it!

How to activate ‘Night Shift’

Night Shift is a useful feature which dims the white tones of your display, in order to make it easier on your eyes in low-light conditions.

Go to Settings.

Display & Brightness.

Tap on Night Shift to set the times you want this feature to be active.

How to Go Back

When an app opens another, a back arrow appears in the top left corner

Clicking this will take you back to the first app, for example, going back to Mail when you’ve opened a link in Safari.

How to see the full website

Sometimes the mobile version of a website does not give you what you need, but there is a quick way of finding the desktop version.

Simply press and hold the refresh button at the top of the screen for a few seconds to bring up the option.

Running low

Running out of space on your iPhone or iPad? There’s a setting in iOS 10 that may help. 

To find it go Settings > Music > Optimize Storage, and then flip the switch to turn it on and then choose how much minimum storage you’d like iOS to try to maintain on your device.

(Note that this setting will not be available if you don’t have enough music downloaded for iOS to optimize).

Who’s Calling?

Allow Siri to announce calls so you know who’s calling when your phone is out of reach.

Go to Settings.


Select ‘Announce Calls’ and Siri will tell you who is calling when your phone rings.

How to reopen a closed tab

Closed a tab in Safari by mistake?

Tap the tab icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Press and hold the new tab icon (the plus sign bottom middle of the screen).

Select the webpage you want to reopen from the list of recently closed tabs.

How to turn your iPhone into a magnifier

Turn your iPhone camera into a magnifier.

Go to Settings.


Tab Accessibility.

Then Magnifier.

Turn this feature on, and your camera will become a magnifier when you triple click the Home button.

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What our Customers say

Lajla Turner

· 29/07/17

My iPhone died for no apparent reason at 3.00 pm today. I googled the nearest available appointment and UTL in Soho could see me at 3.40 pm! Amazing service. The two employees who looked after me and sorted me out in 5 minutes and even gave me some helpful advice to boot. Really so much nicer and less stressful than the Apple Store. Thank you. If I need help again you will be my first port of call. Very happy.

Sarah Hassan Gardi

· 03/04/17

I walked in this afternoon with a cracked screen , Davis & Nazrul they were able to repair it in an hour , great job thank you so much

Jane Startseva

· 01/06/17

Ibrahim Solaiman Fattah

· 05/05/17

Shakhlo Muradova

· 11/12/16

Absolutely amazing service center! I had a flight tomorrow so I needed to repair my screen ASAP and although it was less than 1 hour until they close, they managed to repair it! the best customer service I've ever received, especially Mari, Davis and Nazrul!

David Armstrong

Helpful place, quick check on my iPhone and good advice on how to fix it.

Shakhlo Muradova

· 11/12/16

Absolutely amazing service center! I had a flight tomorrow so I needed to repair my screen ASAP and although it was less than 1 hour until they close, they managed to repair it! the best customer service I've ever received, especially Mari, Davis and Nazrul!

David Trickey

Amazing amazing amazing. I wish everything else in my life coud be sorted so efficiently and in such a professional and friendly manner.